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Meet Art&Floor team of editors.

Venezia, Briccole


Quadrolegno is a pioneer of new ways to create, live, experience wooden floor, parquet floors, as part of a system that is not only aesthetic, but feelings, technical performance and safety.

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MoMu, Mondini Multimedia, is web design, e-commerce, web marketing, search engine placement, apps, content marketing … because creating a website is only the first piece of Lego of your brand identity.

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It is time that someone notices you on the net. Bubble handles all the major social networks, to set up and monitor the web marketing campaigns, write articles for the blog in many different commodities sectors.

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The “Briccole”, one of the Quadrolegno products

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Art & Floor would be glad to host the contribution of anyone who wants to speak in a personal way about art, design and craftsmanship, that with passion, creativity and innovation, become art.

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