21 giugno 2014

Choosing a floor is one the most important decisions you will make


When you are building a house, choosing a floor is one the most important decisions you will make. Not only flooring is a fundamental part of any interior design but it is also an investment that will last for years, if not forever. For this reason, you should take an extra amount of time when making that decision.

After describing the qualities of exotic wood, here we take a closer look at domestic species, namely the ones grown locally.

Domestic species of wood include oak, maple, walnut and birch wood. These are the materials we are all familiar with, as they are often readily available and at affordable prices. Yet a domestic floor isn’t a synonym of ordinary:  the range of species is large and they all differ in grain patterns, imperfections and textured effects.

In comparison with exotic species, domestic floorings truly show less dramatic colour variations and provide a traditional, warm appearance. But thanks to the technological advancement in the manufacturing of wood, new patterns and products can be created.
Our collection “I legni della Terra”, for instance, shows how species such as oak, elm and larch can be transformed in unique and timeless pieces.

Once again, and almost needless to say,  think about your taste, furniture and budget when choosing between domestic and exotic floorings. And remember that you can always request samples at Quadrolegno as well as test them in your home before making this important decision.

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