28 novembre 2013

The Content Marketing

Today sees the birth of the web magazine “Art & Floor”.

A whole new web magazine on art and design.

Often, hearing about content marketing, we think to texts written specifically and exclusively for advertising or other pieces in prose used as marketing tactics. The content marketing has basically the same goal of an advertisement, ie turn potential customers into buyers, but uses a completely different approach from that of traditional copywriting. The content marketing refers to freely shared information contents, used to build trust and establish with potential customers a long-term relationship, which goes beyond the act of purchasing.

The articles on the blog were the first tools that have contributed to the creation marketing content. Blogs have become a reality in the business world as well as in society. They allow you to freely share content and provide the user with an informative contribution that goes far beyond the simple brochure site or a corporate brochure.

Art & Floor talks about art and design in general, and in particular narrate how art and design come together with the selection of materials and craftsmanship to create unique products within the wood flooring.

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Wood, beauty, art and design

Whether you are interested in art and design, whether you are thinking about your new home, or renovation of your space, in the magazine Art & Floor, you’ll find what you need.

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