13 giugno 2014

Houses with wooden floorings actually sell faster than those without


Despite the large selection of flooring materials one can choose, there is one material that stands out and always will. That is wood: elegant, stylish, and almost timeless, it adds both warm and beauty to every house. A recent survey highlights that houses with wooden floorings actually sell faster than those without, and often for higher prices.

But what kind of wood is ideal for your style, home and personality? Because wood comes in a vast range of colours, species, and patters, to choose the right flooring can be a difficult if not daunting task. Here we share with our readers some information about exotic wood, a material perhaps not for everyone but surely unique.

In contrast with domestic wood, exotic floorings have a distinctive personality that people either love or hate. Besides their beauty, what makes exotic species very special is their rich and varied natural stains and grains.


They also exhibit vibrant, unusual colours, from reds to classic browns and even to purples. Here at Quadrolegno we are proud of our rather ambitious “LegniPreziosi” collection and especially of our luxurious, high quality Purpleheart wood. Although again it is not for everyone, it truly gives a unique brightness and atmosphere to every interior.


Simply, and as the word “exotic” suggests itself, this types of wood from all over the world deliver elegance and prestige.

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at other types of wood.
And our final tip: Whatever choice you make in your home flooring, always make sure you know why you made that decision. It is all a matter of taste, but bear in mind that you can always give us a call – our specialists can help you choose the best floor for you.

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