2 giugno 2014

Patterns QuadroLegno, from Voronoi to fractales and geometry


I will start by telling you that materials, art and algorithms can interact, inspire an architect or an interior designer, and give him the tools to realize their projects.

How would you use Voronoi diagram, fractals, periodic or aperiodic tessellation? Which tools for what results? These ideas and projects takes form in our Patterns Collection , where geometric compositions are combined with a noble, natural and beautifully versatile material: WOOD.


We are able to transform in works of art horizontal and vertical plans using colours and shapes, and not only wood to leave a mark or convey a message but, overall, be able to freely express ourselves through them in unusual and new ways.

Quadrolegno, my company, realizes your creative ideas, expressing the semiotic interpretation of your work.

I look forward to meet you to discuss the possibility of working together to a common project. We do not just produce wood floorings, we are able to create customized prototypes based on your ideas and projects.

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