11 luglio 2014

QuadroLegno experimenting innovative materials and solutions


As QuadroLegno, we are continuously searching for new solutions for interior design and flooring. Our laboratory is constantly experimenting innovative materials and solutions to combine ideas, design and tradition.

Now we are pleased to present our new line named “I Castelli”, in honour of the French châteaux (castles) and courts.

A refer to the floors that have made history, trampled by powerful kings and brave knights, breathtaking queens and elegant ladies: each piece, made of solid oak wood or plywood, is individually processed, sharp edge or tumble finished to give the wood an aged appearance and solemnity.

Unique products, fully customizable in wood, size, design, engravings, finishes – from the natural colour of the oak untreated, up to light brown and dark brown shades, produced through a process that stimulates the tannins and makes the wood tones warmer and heterogeneous, obtaining a unique result.

I hope you will be pleased to receive information and updates about QuadroLegno products. I think it’s a good way to present our work, promoting the exchange of information and stimulating collaboration between different realities.

We want to realize products able to stand out, to be appreciated globally, to enrich the most exigent spheres.

I hope we intrigued you, at least. Every idea, suggestion or collaboration is always appreciated. I’m interested to know your opinion about this new line, as well as about our other products.

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