7 giugno 2014

What distinguishes a great artist from a weak one


What distinguishes a great artist from a weak one, excellence from mediocrity is fervid imagination and natural tendency to think, dream beyond limits. Innovation, originality, as well as courage and curiosity are the keys to good art and design.

This is how we at Quadrolegno work. We love to think differently. Our new Pattern collection precisely goes in this direction, and brings artistic flair and geometric precision together to your house. By combining the seemingly different world of art with that of math, this new collection is aesthetically versatile, functional and elegant at the same time.

Almost like in a game of Tetris, our experienced designers play and explore all different combination. From the squared ‘Cupido’ to the rounded ‘Luna’, each pattern is a powerful vortex of colors, lines and figures, with a unique touch of style and mood.

Once again, wood floors become much more than something to stand on: full of charm and character, they are instead art works that create a perfect harmony, similar to a melody with no wrong notes.

An elegant encounter between creativity and mathematic, tradition and innovation, nature and geometry: this is real art and interior design. And truly this is how Quadrolegno creates the Pattern Collection, a variegated range of wood floors well adaptable to all sort of spaces and tastes.

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